“Bob & Andrew”


Bob&AndrewPoster“Bob and Andrew” The Webseries

Comedy – 13 episodes (5-9mins)

Directed by Darren Borrowman

Written by Bob Woolsey & Andrew Menzies

Produced by Keith Opatovsky

Starring Bob Woolsey, Andrew Menzies, Lauren Martin,  April Green, Tom Belding

In 2010, the Borrowtime team produced the 5 episode first season of the comedy webseries, “Bob and Andrew”

Directed, shot and edited by Darren, Produced by Keith, Bob and Andrew, it was nominated for a 2010 Leo Award for Best Webseries, and won prizes for excellence in Acting (Andrew Menzies) and Writing (Bob and Andrew) at L.A. Webfest in 2012 (season 1) and 2013 (season 2)

In 2011, the team brought in a few fresh faces and upped the production value, producing 8 episodes of Season 2.

You can watch all of the webseries episodes, along with many of their original sketch comedy videos on the youtube page HERE