Short Films

Dial Y for Yesterdaydial-y_peterupertelevator1

2014 – Dramatic Comedy (14 mins)

The only thing schlubby telemarketer Pete has to sustain himself through his solitary and neurotic existence are memories of a wonderful, bucolic childhood spent with Igor, his beloved dog.

Created with the support of the 2014 Crazy8’s film society, directed by Greg Crompton, produced by Darren Borrowman

Currently on the festival circuit, “Dial Y…” has been selected to screen at SF IndieFest (San Francisco), the Beeston Film Festival (UK), and the Taos Shortz Film Festival (New Mexico).


M is for Messiah

2013 – Horror (3 mins)M is for Messiah

A woman must face a strange cult and their nefarious Messiah if she’s going to avoid being their human sacrifice.

Created for the ABC’s of Death 2: Search for the 26th Director competition.

Directed by Nicholas Humphries, Written by Bob Woolsey

Produced by Lindsey Mann & Darren Borrowman, Camera & Editing by Darren Borrowman

M is for Messiah will soon have a wide release, but until then, you can view it HERE!


FORTFort Poster

2013 – Romantic Comedy (10 min)
When Toby is awoken early Sunday morning to find that Sarah has turned the living room into a blanket fort, he is challenged to play along with her game of make believe, until she catches him off guard with some serious news.

Fort has screened at the China Art Museum in Shanghai and was selected as the Audience Favourite at the 2013 Parrsboro Film Festival

Click HERE to view the trailer on YouTube!




2012 – Horror (7min 9sec)Fidelium Poster

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize and Online Audience Vote in Bloodshots 2012.

Grand Juror, George A. Romero had this to say:



“To everyone at BLOODSHOTS CANADA, and of course the participating filmmakers themselves: I know a little something about working with a short schedule and a low budget but this is ridiculous! All the films that I saw deserve kudos given the constraints. I believe that a filmmaker’s first responsibility is to tell a story. I feel that Darren Borrowman and Keith Opatovsky did exactly that in their film ‘FIDELIUM’. His directing was clean with no energy wasted on pure graphics. Every shot served the story. His targeted approach has enabled Borrowman to in fact use more angles, which always makes a director’s intentions more easily accessible. Congratulations to all the participants, especially to Mr. Borrowman for ‘FIDELIUM’”.

The film received a great writeup in Fangoria #321 and is available to watch HERE


FULL MOON TONIGHTFull Moon Tonight Poster

2011 – Horror Comedy (7min)

The Borrowtime team took part in the Bloodshots 2011 48hr Filmmaking Challenge. Here, we are given 2 days to write, shoot, edit and deliver a 7min (max) movie. We love these, and have taken part in several.


Our inspiration package consisted of a tape cassette, a pair of scissors, a theme (ours was ‘Handicapped Horror’) and a line of dialogue (“We don’t talk about the accident”). We stayed up a really long time, drank a fair amount of coffee, and in the end, needed only 47.5 hrs to make this Comedic tribute to 80’s horror movies. It’s got girls, werewolves, synth music and blood. What’s not to love at Halloween?

We won the prize for best makeup and costume, and the screening of the movie at the Rio theatre was full of laughter.

Watch Full Moon Tonight here on YouTube

FOURTH DATEFourth Date Poster

2010 – Horror Comedy (7min 20sec)

This short horror-comedy was created for the 2010 Bloodshots 48hr Horror Film Festival. It won the prize for best writing. Well done, Bob and Andrew! Directed by Darren, producer by Keith, shot by Jordan Ewan. It features many of our regulars: Tom Belding, Lauren Martin, Marcel Perro, Alex Dafoe, and many others. Abandoned museums have never been so much fun.


Watch Fourth Date on Youtube here!


BCE Poster


2009 – Christmas Comedy (8mins 8sec)

Created in 2009 for the Laughing Stock Comedy festival, this holiday story sees Tom, Lauren and Marcel stuck in the office at Christmas. As they each recount stories of their worst Christmas memories, they vow to make this the Best Christmas Ever.

Winner: Best Director (Darren Borrowman) and Best Writing (Bob Woolsey & Andrew Menzies)


Watch Best Christmas Ever on Youtube


PIER PRESSURE PierPressurePoster

2009 – Noir Comedy (8min 24sec)

Created in 2009 for the Rain City Noir Film Festival, this Noir-Com won prizes for best Directing (Darren), best Actress (Lauren Martin) and best use of rain (big cash prize!) Created in only 72hrs, this was one of the Borrowtime team’s first big collaborations. Special kudos go to Josh Guitar for creating an amazing CG opening sequence, and to Jordan Ewan and Steve Tyrrell for being the entire camera and sound team in the rain, snow, sleet and sun. Featuring Tom Belding, Lauren Martin, Stephen LeBail and Jamie Slade. Directed by Darren Borrowman


Watch Pier Pressure on Youtube Here!