Our brand new miniseries, “TELEGRAPH COVE” is releasing, and we’re posting the episodes in order here!

While our “TELEGRAPH COVE” Vimeo Channel will be where episodes are hosted, we’ll have a variety of other notes, pictures, anecdotes and media available here over the coming weeks!

Episode 1: “October”

It’s been a long summer season on the M.V. Gikumi and to Anna’s dismay, her husband Dave takes one final film charter.
But when they don’t return home on time, Anna’s frustration turns to worry.

Episode 2: “November”

With the Coast Guard unable to contact Dave, Anna begins her own search.
What she discovers aren’t exactly answers…

Episode 3: “December”

Questions still unanswered, Anna contemplates leaving Telegraph Cove.
Until she receives a haunting message and makes one final effort to find the Gikumi.

This is the conclusion to the series. For now….